Minister must come clean on Toowoomba child murders
A year-and-a-half after the Bligh Labor Government promised a full and independent review of its Child Safety Department’s handling of the double child murder in Toowoomba, no report has been delivered…more

Department warned before toddler died
The death of a two year-old boy in foster care in north Queensland raised serious questions about the Bligh Government’s child safety system and placement principles, the State Opposition said today…more

Qld worst for repeat child abuse
Queensland had Australia’s highest rate of repeat child abuse cases and the highest rate of children placed under protection orders, the State Opposition revealed today…more

Adoption plan for abused children flawed
Labor’s plans to increase adoption of abused children was a “quick-fix” solution to mask its systemic failure to properly fund early intervention and family support programs, the State Opposition said today…more

Abused children face social experiment
Plans to broaden the entry qualifications for child safety officers came under fire from the State Opposition and experts alike when the Child Safety Minister revealed her key to improving frontline staff retention…more

Frontline child safety staff starved of resources
The State Opposition is calling for more support and better training for frontline child safety staff in the wake of new reports of a mass exodus of staff…more

Keech fails again with no sign of adoption legislation
Despite promising to have ‘Adoption Legislation’ before Parliament by the end of the year the Bligh government’s Child Safety Minister has failed again, the LNP said today…more

Only 1-in-4 Child Safety staff at frontline
With just 605 frontline officers employed in the Child Safety Department’s total of 2448, the State Opposition has demanded answers from Minister Margaret Keech…more

NSW child abuse inquiry should be wake-up for QLD
Findings of a 12-month inquiry into Child Protection Services in New South Wales should be a wake up call for Queensland, the LNP said today…more

ABC collapse holds child safety concerns
The ABC child care collapse was a critical issue for working families which deserved the immediate attention of the Bligh government, the State Opposition said today…more

Child removals on the increase
More children were taken from their families last year than ever before by the Department of Child Safety, the department’s annual report has revealed…more

Lack of training linked to child deaths
Lack of basic “entry-level training” for frontline child safety officers has been linked to the tragic bashing deaths of two young children under the watch of the Department of Child Safety, a new report has revealed…more

Sugar-coated spin on staff resignations
Margaret Keech’s sugar-coated spin on the frightening level of resignations from her Department could not hide the crisis of confidence among frontline Child Safety staff, the State Opposition said today…more

Child Safety ‘Spin’ strongly questioned
The million dollar cost of a team of 10 media managers/handlers in the Department of Child Safety where staff turnover topped one-in-three last year has been strongly questioned by the State Opposition…more

More than one-third of Child Safety staff quit
More than one-third of all Queensland’s child protection staff resigned last year highlighting the scale of the crisis in the Department of Child Safety, the State Opposition said today…more

LNP welcomes new body to protect indigenous children
Today’s announcement of a new peak body representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care was welcome but the fact it  was needed underlined the Bligh government’s failure to fix the child protection system…more

Repeat youth rapist walks free
A 17 year-old youth found guilty of sexually abusing three teenage sisters walked free from the Cairns District Court this week despite having a previous conviction for raping a three-year-old toddler…more

Bligh government stalls on adoption scandal info
The Bligh government will not be rushing to provide information sought under FOI on overseas adoptions from India or Ethiopia, citing they were too busy, the State Opposition said today…more

Keech withholds details on key child safety staff
The State Opposition has accused the Minister for Child Safety of withholding vital staff information that former Ministers provided routinely…more

Indian adoption scandal referred to CMC
The Bligh government’s failure to act on the serious issue of child trafficking and suspect adoptions from India have left the LNP no choice but to refer the matter to the Crime and Misconduct Commission…more

Children at risk in over crowded foster care
Children in State Foster care were being put at risk of further harm in over-crowded accommodation and the Beattie-Bligh Government was clueless about how bad the situation was, the State Opposition said today…more

Bligh neglects Indigenous child safety policy
The LNP has blasted the Bligh Labor Government for once again neglecting Indigenous child safety policy with yet another report showing the Child Safety Department is failing to meet its legal requirements…more

Coroner’s findings expose Far North child safety failures
The Queensland Coroner has sent a scathing message to the Beattie-Bligh Labor Government to fix child safety services in Far North Queensland now, the LNP said today. Coroner Michael Barnes’ blunt findings were handed down after the inquest into the death of a child under the care of the Department in 2004…more

Families left out of child protection decisions
The Bligh Labor Government has been blasted for ignoring a landmark report advocating greater parental involvement in child protection decisions… more

Stuckey calls for State tax-relief for inter-country adoption
Queensland couples who want to raise a family – and adopt children from other countries – will see the Bligh Government’s inter-country adoption fees skyrocket…. more