Payroll fix proves Schwarten is not up to the job
ROBERT Schwarten has been kicked to the sidelines as Labor attempts to apply a $210 million band-aid solution to the long-running ‘Shared Services’ payroll debacle.

Auditor-General finds QBuild payroll also a mess
The Auditor-General has found similar avoidable flaws in QBuild’s new payroll system to Queensland Health – millions of dollars wasted and staff left unpaid, the State Opposition said today.

Asbestos report at Mackay West Primary School must be released
THE Bligh government was today accused of sitting on a report into asbestos handling at Mackay West Primary School.

Complaints against BSA private certifiers soar
COMPLAINTS against private building certifiers soared in the past year adding weight to calls for an overhaul of the Bligh government’s accreditation process.

Consultants on the money in health pay fiasco
Consultants reaped a $2500 per day windfall tinkering with Queensland Health’s dysfunctional pay system while workers were still waiting for their pay, the LNP said today.

BSA overlooks the obvious during checks
Robert Schwarten’s boast about BSA investigators visiting building sites, exposed holes in a system that allowed illegal practices to continue.

Shonky builders run rings around BSA
More Queenslanders were ripped-off by shonky builders in 2009-10, as the toothless Building Services Authority (BSA) continued to fail consumers.

Schwarten’s procurement policy shambles
LABOR’S Public Works Minister has again exposed his stunning lack of understanding of his own department’s procurement policy.

Schwarten admits not planning for the future
Robert Schwarten’s rambling abuse in Queensland Parliament cannot disguise the fact he has presided over another late IT project.

Schwarten oversees another delayed IT project
Another IT project overseen by Robert Schwarten has suffered significant delays, with the LNP cautioning it could be a disaster the same magnitude of the payroll crisis in the making.

Shameless Schwarten slashes jobs
Robert Schwarten’s self-claimed title as the worker’s friend took another battering today with the revelation almost 300 jobs had disappeared in just one month from the Department of Public Works (DPW).

QFleet fuel bungle embarrasses Schwarten
Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten has been forced to admit almost 200 State Government cars were incorrectly filled with unleaded petrol instead of diesel.

Weasel words for health staff but still no pay
Queensland Health staff deserved an apology for their pay fiasco but instead received meaningless bureaucratic weasel words, the LNP said today.

Homeowners let down by the BSA
The sentencing of Bundaberg’s Coral Coast Homes and Steel Smart Homes director John Biles shows the need for urgent reform of the Building Services Authority (BSA), the LNP said today.

Schwarten won’t release damning BSA report
The Minister for Public Works Robert Schwarten believes the Building Services Authority (BSA) is so important, he is concealing a report evaluating the statutory body, the LNP said today.

Schwarten should read the fine print on NBN
Queenslanders should read the fine print before rushing into believing Bligh and Labor on its ‘opitcal (sic) fibre’ National Broadband Network, the LNP said today.

Labor can’t be trusted on ICT
Queenslanders should not hold their breath waiting for improved ICT services under either Bligh or Gillard given Labor’s appalling record, the LNP said today.

Schwarten toxic schools shock
More shoddy workmanship involving toxic asbestos waste at Wulguru State School in Townsville proved Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten was not up to the job, the LNP said today.

Schwarto tries to dodge the blame again
Robert Schwarten has attempted to dodge responsibility for the Queensland Health payroll fiasco again — claiming it was Health’s responsibility to liaise with IBM.

Bob betrays builders for bureaucrats at QBuild
Bureaucrats fared better than builders at QBuild under Minister Robert Schwarten, the LNP said today.

Auditor-General gives Schwarten ‘F’ for Fail
Truant Minister Robert ‘Rocky’ Schwarten should spend less time asking people to step outside’ and pay closer attention to running his portfolio, the LNP said today.

Factional overlords escape Ministerial Responsibility
Anna Bligh’s fear of factional overlords has stopped her from sacking the Minister responsible for spending almost a billion dollars on the failed CorpTech driven Shared Services Initiative, the LNP said today.

CMC to investigate another IT failure
Revelations the Crime and Misconduct Commission has been called on to investigate the handling of a whole-of-government computer server project raises further questions about the Minister’s performance, the LNP said today.

Better consumer protection flagged in LNP’s building industry review
Better protection for consumers, improving dispute resolution procedures and better education about the Building Services Authority’s role are among the issues canvassed in an LNP discussion paper launched today.

Bligh Government’s billion dollar blunder
Almost a billion taxpayer dollars have been wasted by the Bligh Labor Government on a payroll system that has left thousands of Queensland Health workers underpaid.

Schwarten fails again on school asbestos removal
A review into a series of incidents that exposed Mackay school students to asbestos has revealed the Bligh Labor Government failed to act on sloppy handling procedures despite previous warnings, the State Opposition said today.

Everyone gets paid but Queensland Health workers
While Queensland Health struggled to pay its staff properly and on time, international IT ‘experts’ were being paid top-dollar to attempt to fix the QH pay fiasco, the LNP said today.

Schwarten’s ‘special green award’ for recycling
PUBLIC Works Minister Robert Schwarten deserved Labor’s ‘special green award’ with so many of his budget capital spending announcements recycled from last year, the Opposition said today.

Health payroll system at risk from upgrades
An urgent upgrade to Queensland Health’s trouble-plagued payroll system was a disaster-in-waiting, the LNP said today.

Health pay still being taken away
While Queensland Health was still unable to properly pay employees their due entitlements, it could manage to deduct suspected ‘overpayments’, the LNP said today.

Ban builders until collusion allegations investigated
TWO companies who have admitted secretly discussing prices for government tenders should be banned from all government tenders until the matter has been fully investigated, the LNP said today.

The workers’ friend forgets basic entitlements
The Minister for Public Works and ICT should have been embarrassed today by revelations his department had agreed to a payroll system that could not process basic pay entitlements such as meal allowances.

Whoops! Labor forgot to include security in the payroll contract
The Minister for Public Works has confessed the Bligh Labor Government often has to amend contracts, after they were signed, because the government’s own requirements were left out, the Opposition said today.

Schwarten backs down on faulty asbestos regulations
Eight months after an investigation found asbestos handling regulations were not working Minister Schwarten has finally taken steps to change them, the LNP said today.

Shared Services Initiative a planning failure
A Labor scheme for a whole of government payroll and human resources system was bungled from the start, the LNP said today.

Labor chest-beating won’t cover pay failure
With Deputy-Premier Lucas chest-beating about suing IBM over the health payroll debacle serious questions have been raised whether the Government’s position has been compromised by inaction at the Robert Schwarten-managed CorpTech.

Minister was warned payroll problems could last for 8 months
Health Minister Paul Lucas was warned that it could take eight months after the “go-live” date to fix the error-ridden Queensland Health payroll system.

Former Minister for Nothing jumps sinking IT ship
Former Queensland Minister for Nothing Chris Cummins has decided to jump Robert Schwarten’s sinking IT ship and park himself for yet another tilt at political office.

Auditor-General must investigate health pay bungle
The State Opposition has written to the Auditor-General asking that a full investigation be held into the bungled Queensland Health Payroll System.

Schwarten blind to contract failures
Documents tabled by the Health Minister show IBM has been in breach of its contract to deliver the new Queensland Health payroll system since August 2008, the LNP said today.

Memorable quotes from history…and Schwarto
“’Tis but a scratch, I’ve had worse.”
The Black Knight on losing his left arm, Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Minister ignored payroll program faults
The Minister for Public Works has finally admitted the problems with the rollout of the Queensland Health payroll system was the fault of his government.

Payroll debacle a glimpse of the future
The on-going disaster that is unfolding in Queensland Health is a chilling glimpse of the future under Minister Schwarten’s whole-of-government human resources and payroll project, the LNP said today.

Government system defaults on health workers Easter pay
Gold Coast-based Queensland Health workers face a bleak Easter with no money after the Bligh Government’s crisis-ridden computerised payroll system defaulted on their pay.

Labor fails to act on banned asbestos tiles
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland must act immediately to stop the distribution and sale of asbestos contaminated tiles already banned in other states, the LNP said today.

Labor Minister boasts about his failures
The announcement that Queensland Health has finally joined Shared Services Initiative only demonstrates how badly the Bligh Labor Government has botched the human resources/finance program roll-out.

Schwarten’s German jaunt fails to deliver SAP project
The Bligh Labor Government’s much vaunted Shared Service Initiative is no closer to completion despite an overseas jaunt by Information and Communication Technology Minister Robert Schwarten.

Schwarten blunders again over school asbestos
SCHOOLCHILDREN in Mackay continue to be placed at serious risk by sloppy asbestos removal practices, the LNP said today.

Schwarten does a Garrett on asbestos
WORKS Minister Robert Schwarten continues to turn a blind eye to unqualified workers being contracted to remove asbestos, the LNP said today.

Schwarten doesn’t learn on asbestos
WORKERS and students continue to be placed at risk by Minister Schwarten’s failure to heed Workplace Health & Safety warnings about complying with school asbestos removal procedures, the LNP said today.

Schwarten sits on Public Works probe
Five months after announcing a probe into taxpayer-backed projects caught up in allegations of bid collusion, the Minister for Public Works is still yet to release the results.

More pay problems for Public Servants
More Queensland Public Servants have been forced to suffer due to Bligh Labor’s inability to manage payroll systems under its Shared Services Agency.

Local industry snubbed again in Labor IT deal
The Bligh Labor Government has again put deals with the big boys ahead of jobs creation, with a newly announced Information Technology deal leaving Queensland businesses out in the cold.

Schwarten called to release Public Works probe
The Bligh Labor Government must reveal the results of the promised probe into taxpayer-backed projects caught up in allegations of bid collusion.

Costs double as new Health payroll falters
MILLIONS of dollars overpaid to Queensland Health employees could have been avoided if a proposed HR system had been delivered on time.

Confusion reigns supreme in IT contract debacle
THE Bligh Labor government’s constant dithering over a proposed whole-of-government human resources ICT

IT failures a sign of things to come
No pay for public servants, medical records unable to be accessed, property title transfers stalled and fines paid but not recorded.

Schwarten shuffles deck chairs with ICT ‘reform’
AFTER six fruitless years attempting to deliver whole-of-government solutions, the Bligh Labor has announced yet another ICT overhaul.

Schwarten plays catch up on asbestos
QBUILD workers’ long-term health has been put at risk while Minister Schwarten has procrastinated over appropriate asbestos handling training.

Financial shortcuts cost Queenslanders more
The Bligh Labor Government’s backflip on delivering a single payroll system is set to cost Queensland taxpayers more as licensing fees will rise, the Opposition said today.

Schwarten’s selective amnesia over QBuild contracts
Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten would do better to ignore his own rhetoric and spend more time reading his departmental reports.

Bligh’s IT recruitment plans to cost 700 jobs
The Bligh Labor government’s decision to centralise the recruitment of all state government IT contractors will cost Queenslanders 700 jobs.

Bligh’s Smart State can’t create a single payroll
After five years and $180 million the Bligh Labor government has failed to create a single, uniform payroll system for Queensland Government.

Minister’s asbestos review too late
State Minister for Public Works Robert Schwarten has been accused of dragging his feet on safe asbestos handling in schools across Queensland after failures by QBuild workers at Caningeraba State School.

Minister caught out on asbestos line
The Minister for Public Works has been caught out not doing his homework on unsafe asbestos removals in Queensland schools, the Opposition said today.

$14 million a month … but who’s counting
Any Queenslander in doubt about how Labor wastes taxes should read Minister Schwarten’s reply to a question in Parliament today on why $14 million a month was being blown trying to fix the new public service payroll system.

Schwarten forced to admit asbestos mistake
Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten has been forced to admit incorrect procedures were followed with asbestos removal on June 3 at Caningeraba State School on the Gold Coast.

Schwarten fails TAFE redevelopment test
Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten has failed his own Kangaroo Point TAFE redevelopment test – to finish the park on time, the State Opposition said today.

Schwarten fails to report on asbestos
Three months after serious questions were raised of unsafe asbestos removal at Caningeraba State School, Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten still hadn’t released a report of the incident, State Parliament heard today.

Schwarten continues his thuggery
Labor’s Robert Schwarten has again shown his true colours as a thug and bully-boy in yet another shameful attack in Parliament on the LNP’s Jann Stuckey.

Minister’s arrogance exposes incompetence
The Minister for Public Works and ICT has been unable to support his department’s claims that the State Government’s vehicle leasing and fleet management service is the best in the country when it comes to car sales.

Minister challenged to cost broadband bid
The implementation of the Rudd Governments $42 billion National Broadband Network could end up costing Queenslanders billions of dollars, the State Opposition said today.

Lack of competition in Public Works wastes taxpayers money
THE State Opposition has accused the Bligh Government of poor management of the Department of Public Works, suggesting the non-competitive nature of the portfolio is costing taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

Schwarten says asbestos is ‘workers’ responsibility’
In an about face on accepted standards Labor’s Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten told Parliament Estimates hearings yesterday that safe handling of asbestos was the responsibility of workers.

Stuckey demands answers on asbestos “cover-up”
The Bligh Government needed to stop its cover-up of the asbestos risks at Caningeraba State School, the State Opposition said today.More….